How to travel with children - tips

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How to travel with children - tips

Traveling with children is possible. You just need to adapt the trip so that they enjoy it as much as you do.

In this post we want to share some tips on how to travel with children, based on our multiple experiences as parents of three children.

It is not the same to travel with a 7-month-old baby than with an 8-year-old child, we all agree on that, but whatever the case you will see that all these tips are useful when packing and visiting new places as a family.

On our first international trip with children we went to Brazil. Our oldest son was 7 months old, and we went to the beach! Yes, to Recife, heat and white sands. Do not be afraid, just get good advice and follow the recommendations.

How to travel with children - tips - Strong Store

If the destination is a beach, high protection sunscreen, hat, small inflatable pool: this is great because babies can also enjoy the water and feel safe. The inflatable pool that I bought for the trip to Brazil lasted several years.

Of course, do not forget to take care of the sun exposure schedules, avoiding noon sunlight, you can take advantage of the baby taking a nap.

On our second round with children in Brazil something incredible happened to us. It is very important that you always travel with documents, passports, and family book or birth certificates! Even when father and mother go with the children. With that experience we learned for a lifetime, because we had left our family book back home and we almost missed the flight! Never forget to check the entry requirements for each country you are planning to travel.

Keep in mind that some countries ask for visas and it will usually be something you will have to solve before leaving. If the minor does not travel with his parents, an authorization from the father, mother or legal guardian will be necessary, which must be ratified by the authorities, such as the Police, Civil Guard or Courts.

Another very important thing is to plan different entertainment options, because if the trip is long, you will need some ideas. And what always helps me is that each child carries their own favorite travel backpack, and that they themselves  choose - in advance -what they would like to take to play. It is nice to see that they also learn to select, classify, separate what may or may not fit, and of course we are always there to guide them.

Some ideas: small puzzles, some cars, a notebook, colored pencils, my daughter will always choose a doll and clothes to change them, and of course, they can allowed some minutes of technology. When they are older they will also enjoy, and yearn for flights, for the movies they can see (beware, there are a million choices, they will have to be by your side when choosing too). You could wear high quality headphones. When the children were 3 and 1 year old, we got a four-wheeled trolley with the shape of an animal they liked. The children enjoyed it from day one. These are perfect because they carry their things at the same time they entertain themselves, as they ride at the airport mounted in the “animal” cart. And then, when we return home, it even serves to decorate and keep the toys in their rooms in order.

How to travel with children - tips - Strong Store

Not everyone is affected by heights, but it may happen that, on some flights or climbing mountains, one of the children gets an earache. These tips can help match the air pressure in your child's ears in order to eliminate, or lessen, ear pain:

Have your child:

- Drink plenty of decaffeinated liquids (water is best) during the flight. Drinking in abundance is very important. It causes the child to swallow, which causes the eustachian tubes to open. In addition, the air inside an airplane is very dry, which hardens the nasal mucus and makes it easier to block the eustachian tubes.

- Chew gum or suck on a hard candy (only if your child is over three years old).

- Take a bottle or pacifier with you, or breastfeed your baby. If you give the bottle to your baby, make sure you are sitting  while he is drinking.

- Yawn often.

- Keep your child awake during takeoff and landing. When we sleep, we do not swallow as often as when we are awake, which makes it difficult to regulate air pressure in the middle ear.

In the baby bag do not forget:

- Food and milk.

- Diapers and wet wipes.

- Baby bottles, if you use.

- Change of clothes  (if the flight is very long, we recommend taking two).

- Hygienic towels. They save me to clean everything: the little tables on the plane seat, the children's hands, the mouth, their clothes when they get stained (mine too),  seats, and of course also when changing diapers and / or take the older ones to the bathroom. If your destination is Morocco, remember that not all bathrooms have a cup but latrines.

Regarding seats and locations, depending on the airline, you may be able to request a special place to sit with babies. It is a location in front where you can place a small crib that the same company provides. This is very good, so as not to have to carry the baby all flight long.

If we talk about comfort, at bedtime, children have a lot of fun choosing and having their travel neck.

If the children are still babies, you can not miss ... backpack for baby both when we travelled to Rome and walked the entire city as when we went to the desert and walked on the camels, this article is practical, comfortable, interchangeable between dad and mom, the baby is comfortable, safe and sleeps easily.

How to travel with children - tips - Strong Store

As I always say, children do not have to be a limitation, because they are not, you can do multiple things with them, but it is a reality that you may not be able to keep the same pace as before.

If the child is older it is good to involve him in the trip from the first moment. Show him on a map of the world where you are going, show him photos of that place to increase his interest, give him an idea about the customs of that culture, what delicious things you will be able to eat,  show him a word in that language, show him on a map the route so the child can follow it during the trip, etc. Now there are many applications that you can also take advantage of, learn and enjoy.

Include them in the activity plan, insert activities that are pleasing to each of those who are traveling, big or small, as a family we must learn to enjoy with each other and respect each other. Every trip is a precious, enriching learning experience for everyone.

Other articles that we recommend in this post, if you are traveling:

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- If you go to the beach, rivers, lagoons, these waterproof bags are super practical and safe.

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