About us

We are a company dedicated to the marketing of products online, with free worldwide shipping. We are dedicated to accessories - personal, home and travel. We seek to satisfy the client with cutting-edge, quality products.

We are a fantastic team. I met my husband working in a notable logistics company in Buenos Aires, Argentina. And then he started his experience as a trader in a famous automotive company. At that time I finished my career in Economics and traveled to North Africa to do project consulting. We have experience in the business of construction, tourism and real estate. We have also managed retail stores for years, both locally and internationally.

Since 2014 we have lived in the "oriental world" as cooperators of local associations, developing and aiding in the development of entrepreneurship.

We love what we do. We understand the current times and the importance of adapting to new trends, which is why we have joined online commerce. This is where we can apply much of what we have learned, with a special capacity to put ourselves in the place of others to understand their needs and satisfy them with excellence. Strong Store seeks to have strong ties with customers and to consolidate their different business units with efficient and quality products. We welcome you to Strong Store.